After thoroughly enjoying the Bible and Critical Theory Seminar, I’ve decided give staid and stuffy scholarship a bit of a shove this year. So I am going to submit a series of essays to prudish journals and watch them squirm:

1. Hittites, Horses and Corpses: On Bestiality and the Bible. Maybe for Vetus Testamentum.

2. Jacob’s Nuts, or the Yarekh Handshake. Perhaps for the Catholic Biblical Quarterly or Pacifica.

3. Hooker Hermeneutics. This one has got to go to the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society.

4. Too Many Dicks on the Threshing Floor, or, How to Organise a Prophetic Sausage-Fest. Journal of Biblical Literature.

Needless to day, they will probably reject them in righteous indignation, claiming that they are not ‘serious’ scholarship, that the language is ‘inappropriate’ etc etc. And so I plan to use the referee comments as the basis of a sustained critique in another study, which I will then send to one of aforesaid journals.

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