I just received this, um, rather astonishing email from Charlie Haws, Manager of Programs at the SBL. Please tell me it’s spam:

Dear Prof. Boer:

Even though so near to the meeting, I am writing you about the title of your paper in the Prophetic Texts and Their Ancient Contexts session S20-330.  It is the first Annual Meeting presentation to use the word “sausage,” to my knowledge, and indeed a little controversially.  I appreciate the gendered paronomasia in the first portion of the sentence, but it has come to my attention that the second part of the sentence is offensive to some.  To be clear, it is only the last phrase “sausage-fest” that has been taken as gratuitous.  Would you consider revising the title to something like “Too Many Prophetic Dicks at the Writing Desk” or “Too Many Dicks at the Prophetic Writing Desk”?

Thanks for your cordial response, Prof. Boer.  I am not interested in adjudicating legitimate and illegitimate titles, only in cultivating an atmosphere of collegiality and respect at the meeting.



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