As Brisbane goes under water (almost) and as people forget the far more devastating Columbia floods, WordPress sent me a little New Year gift (I’m a bit late with New Year this time – something to do with a book that has absorbed me).

Apparently, over the last year the top search hits for this upright, family blog were:

john travolta, tom of finland (the ‘is that a cannon in your pocket?’ post), burqa (here, here and here too), fart, and leper.

Obviously hitting the high notes on those, giving me deep inspiration to keep up the in-depth blogging.

Actually, one other post keeps getting a heap of hits (all time #4):

Sea Shepherd, rammings, sunken ships on the high seas.

OK, that was pure fucking self-indulgence, so tomorrow: the run down on my completed book, Cave Droppings: Nick Cave and Religion.

(But I am pleased that all my family and friends in Brisvegas are safe if a little soggy).