Jim West is back in the thick – or thin – of things, now with a survey article of how the sausage-fest controversy spans the globe. And the untiring Deane Galbraith has come up with the t-shirt, beer coaster, cutting board, apron and much more – all with the sausage-fest logo. Tomorrow, the head honcho of SBL, John Kutsko weighs in, since he has owned up to asking Charlie Haws to send me the initial message. A case of the messenger copping the flack. And as yet I have not received word as to what the SBL will do with my paper title or indeed paper, so I can only assume that it will go ahead. Next: maybe a paper called ‘The Great Sausage-Fest Controversy: On Minced Meat and Censorship’ (ht to DG).

He does indeed, at long last. Problem is, now I have to cut one, but which one?

Over at Zwinglius Redivivus Jim has written to my mother to explain what he feels I am doing.

Dear Mrs. Boer,

While I can certainly sympathize with some of your feelings about Roland’s blog, I must insist that he is performing a dreadfully important service for the whole of Biblical scholarship.  His rapier wit and his insightful ability to gouge out the rubbish of so much biblical studies nonsense is really necessary these days when journals are filled with absolute tripe and PhD students are writing dissertations that examine minutiae but which for that very reason are utterly worthless to anyone but themselves and their own mothers, maybe.

Roland’s program may seem counter productive but I assure you, he is calling many back to core issues and central questions- even if unknowingly (though I suspect, having met him, he knows exactly what he’s doing).

He may not admit it, and he may not even like it, but he is 100% Calvinist.  And that may be the reason that he has no ‘academic’ position- for God has predestined him to something better and higher than simply occupying some staid ivory tower where the only person aggrandized is himself.

So, Mrs. Boer, you can be proud of your son.  He’s doing God’s work.

Yours Most Humbly,


He’s still blogging away over at Zwinglius Redivivus, showing a lively interest in matters relating to Exitpoint Stallions and my occasional biblical erotica posts. But at least Jim and I share our Reformed perspectives, although I’m probably a little more heretical than he is.

Anyone who has been tracking Jim West’s new blog – Zwingli Redivivus – may have picked up, a) that he is not restricting his posts to Mr Zwingli any longer, commenting on many of the same topics as in the earlier blog and, b) that his multiple-blogs-a-day itch is back – just like Mr. Schwarzenegger.

I have just been slipped a piece of paper (in JW’s handwriting, it seems) saying that dear old Jim West has returned, now in the body of Zwingli at Zwinglius Redivivus. Loren Rosson, who seems to have taken a dislike to the mild-mannered man with a sharp tongue, has also picked this up. Just like Lazarus with a quadruple bypass:

Damn, wrong picture – that’s Lisa Lazarus. Try again.

No luck: this is Rita Lazarus c. 1960. One last try:

Or will it be more:

It’s true, I’m afraid, just check his old blog site.

Since Jim West has decided to hang up his blogging boots, there is now a large gap to be filled – namely, total depravity. It was a doctrine dear to Calvin and is to at least Jim and me. However, I suspect our interpretations may vary a little. So, to get the balls rolling:

Stephanie Fisher tracked Jim West down at Petros Baptist Church, doing what he does best – blogging I mean. Hell, as long as he dropped his stuff about gays and climate and so forth, I’d go to his church. There’s even a long list of his sermons for one to hear.

Word moves quickly, but Scott Bailey reports that Jim West has decided to cease blogging. His blog site is now password protected and he is apparently moving on to greater things. Will he join NT Wrong in the biblioblogging utopia? Who will take his place as the top referrer to Stalin’s Moustache? Will there be a second coming? Will it be like that new year resolution to give up smoking? Will he, after a few days of withdrawal symptoms, head to the shop, buy that packet, light up and draw back with pleasure? Or is he really gone? I for one think the world will be a sadder, drearier place without Jim West. It is already bad enough without NT Wrong.