I know I need to introduce two more books that are in press (Criticism of Religion and Secularism and Biblical Studies), but first another annoucement.
It is a travelling conference on The Ghan train. This train runs from Adelaide to Darwin over about two and half days through the middle of the Australian desert. It’s the red line on the map.

The thing is, The Ghan has up to three private carriages: the Chairman’s Carriage, the Prince of Wales Carriage and the Sir John Forrest Carriage. You can check them out here as well as more information about the train in general. The carriages include bedrooms, lounge areas and dining facilities. In total they hold 24 passengers.
The cost? It is about AUD $2000 per person, and that includes all food. It is actually less than the Platinum and Gold class (who said class consciousness was dead?).
The idea is that we would travel from Adelaide to Darwin, and back again if people wish, present a few papers each day, talk about them, help ourselves to the bar, all while we pass thorugh the middle of some of most amazing deserts in the world. When we’re done, I plan to edit a volume called The Bible on the Ghan.

When is all this to take place? My suggestion is some time in 2011. So what I am after now are expressions of interest. Would you like to take part? Let me know.

This is the first of a series of conferences in motion over the next decade or so. They may include the Trans-Siberian, the Trans-Canada, the Orient Express (where we must discuss Edward Said), and perhaps a ship or two. It should produce a unique series of volumes.