After the success of our Newcastle Bible and Critical Theory, we’re off to Dunedin, the nerve centre of innovative biblical studies in New Zealand.
Important Information first:


CONTACTS: James Harding (james.harding(at)

Papers are invited on all aspects of the intersections between the Bible and critical theory, which now, I must admit, also includes matters of religion, politics and culture.

Due date for paper proposals: 31 December 2009.

Apparently, Dunedin has a few steep streets, so I’m looking forward to riding a bicycle up a few of them:

But even more endearing is the explicit invocation of Marx: No Marx, No Peace; Know Marx, Know peace. Did I tell what a great place Dunedin is?

We are planning to meet in a great old pub in New Zealand, although James and Gillian are in the process of doing a taste test of all the possible watering holes in Dunedin. As soon as they know, we’ll let you know.