Pictures of famous smokers to be banned

Now this is really stupid. Moves are afoot to censor pictures of famous people sucking on a smoke. Jacques Chirac, Rachmaninov, Mikhael Bakhtin, Winston Churchill, Louis Althusser, Marlene Dietrich, Josef Stalin – some of the best shots are of them with a cigarette, pipe or cigar in hand. But now those photographs are under the censor’s stern gaze. I’m a smoker who doesn’t smoke (I did for many years but sadly gave it up since it’s supposed to be bad for you), but I love these pictures. And they are certainly not going to make me smoke again, or, for that matter, become president or sing to the troops.


8 thoughts on “Pictures of famous smokers to be banned

  1. There is nothing quite so cool as a smoke. It's like that fellow I heard the other day after a good hack: 'I've been smoking for 50 years and there's nothing wrong with my lung'.

  2. O yeah. The "famous" Louis Althusser. The OJ Simpson of the left. I can see why the p.c. pigs would wanna "censor" his glamour shots. I hear they're also gonna stop showing footage of Nikos Poulantzas' last minutes to de-glamourise suicide.

  3. In a weird way this also reminds me of the (surprisingly?) big furor here this weekend … Some students (yep) dressed up as Nazis AND Concentration Camp victims at a party (NOT in Dunedin strangely enough) and it has really upset some folk!! The student president apologised to the Jewish community and there is serious talk of banning (nationally) dress-ups of this sort …

  4. There was a similar scandal at Oxford or Cambridge earlier this year with their Raj-themed ball. Then the Oxford Tories got in th shit for a competition about who could tell the most racist joke.

    I must say that I find their honesty about British nostalgia for the good old days refreshing, though.

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