As I am about to head off the Canberra, it feels like I am going to a different country. Here I swim everyday and the temperatures are pushing 30 degrees; there it still gets below zero every night, so I need to pull on all my thermals for nights in the tent.

So I thought I’d repost this one on my ideal university:

The University of Utopia is committed to research of the highest quality, a serious programme of reading, a willingness to discuss ideas with colleagues and work collectively. Unlike other universities, the University of Utopia does not overpay its staff in return for overwork. By contrast, a full professor receives AUD $30,000 per annum. The difference – AUD $ 120,000 – goes to paying adequate administrative staff, more teaching positions, multiple PhD scholarships, and a world-class library. Promotion involves a reduction in work hours and not an increase in pay.

The expected duties of any lecturer are:
– one course of no more than 10 students per semester
– a maximum of two postgraduate students
– adequate consultation with students
– a maximum of one committee
– a maximum of one hour per week for administrative tasks
– four days per week for reading, research, writing and discussion

The university’s buildings are neither pretentious nor prison-like. They have comfortable offices, enticing reading areas and grounds that encourage reflection and conversation. As a result of the university’s apparent innovation, visitors flock here from around the world. We have become an employer of choice and have become one of the world’s leading research and teaching universities.