As has become a bit of a habit, I left behind one of my old bicycles in Canberra when I left on Monday. It is a ‘gent’s’ bike from the 1930s, 3-speed internal rear hub (Sturmey Archer), cotter pins in the crank arms, sprung seat and a flourishing set of dragster handlebars. I found it on an old rubbish pile about a year ago, replaced a few parts from another old bicycle I found, paid $12 for a tyre and had myself a bicycle. But since I keep doing this I have too many bicycles. So I took it to Canberra to use during my visiting fellowship, pedalled all around the city on it, to my camping spot and back again. On the last day I left it here, there and everywhere without a lock, hoping someone would take it. But no one did. Finally, outside the front of the interstate bus station I left this stately old gent with a sign in its spokes: ‘Free bicycle to a good home. 3-speed gent’s bike. Perfect working order’.

That makes four bicycles in three cities: Copenhagen has two of my old bikes, Amsterdam and Canberra one each. And I have two more to use in Newcastle. Time to start scouring for some more discarded and abandoned cycles.