Chinese translation of Criticism of Heaven

One of the highlights at the recent Society of Biblical Literature meeting was to have dinner with some good Chinese friends – the ‘Chinese mafia’ as I call them: Ken-Pa Chin, Philip Chia and Samuel Chia. We’re cooking up all manner of projects, not least a Beijing-Taiwan conference on religion and political thought. But Ken-Pa also brought me the first volume of the Chinese translation of Criticism of Heaven. They have decided to translate and publish in two volumes, one on the Catholic Marxists and other on the Protestant Marxists. So here’s the first one, translated by Zhuang Zhenhua:

Ken-Pa has big plans, having set up a journal, Sino-Christian Studies, a book series and a translation series – which is where I come in. Next in line: a translation of my Calvin book (to unsettle the predominance of Reformed Christianity in China) and an author’s cut of Criticism of Heaven; that is, the original manuscript, which is about 250 pages longer than than current English text, which I had to ‘shave’ (on advice from Brill) by about 100,000 words to its current 500 pages.


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