Deane Galbraith on shitting and other matters

And Deane Galbraith over at the Dunedin School is starting to sound remarkably like another blogger who used to be in the blogosphere …


26 thoughts on “Deane Galbraith on shitting and other matters

  1. oh shoosh – but then again I’m surprised with all that ‘gigantic’ intellectual sophistication the masses haven’t twigged.

      1. Impersonate? Me, impersonate? Nice try but no. I wouldn’t want to impersonate that “hero of biblioblogdom” if I had it in me. For the time being, all you can do is look forward to the next regeneration, though I wouldn’t be too sure that it won’t be a further degeneration.

      2. Yes, why pick on the name? Perhaps in order to show how wrong Wright sounds? But are you sure that I’m able to tell Wright from Wrong?
        On second thoughts: I couldn’t possibly fail to disagree with you less.
        Now, *that’s* definitely wrong.

      1. Another nice try, Steph. I’m sure Dr McGrath sets his alarm clock to 3am in the morning (or whatever similar hour it was at his place when I posted a couple of my last posts). His wife and son would really appreciate that. I’ll grant that he isn’t completely innocent but he definitely isn’t as wrong as me.

      2. That’s the tricky bit about playing a regeneration of Wrong. Whatever I claim, who will take my word for it? So, for whatever it’s worth: 1. I *am* writing this from the Southern hemisphere; 2. I haven’t been on the same continent as Dr McGrath for several years now (however much I’d like to see him again face to face); 3. I’m sad to say that I’m no longer in Dunedin. And I’m only giving all of this away because I really appreciate you, Steph.

      1. No, of course not. 90% of blogging probably isn’t. But just look what an intriguing discussion about my identity it has generated. Haven’t you noticed that Wrongs are often egocentric? (One of the few characteristics they share with Wrights.)

    1. no actually I haven’t – the real Wrong isn’t particularly ‘egocentric’, although I guess you must be if you think the apparent ‘discussion’ (I wasn’t aware of any other than this ridiculous conversation and James McGrath’s comments) is interesting – it has neither the wit nor the intellectual sophistication of Wrong.

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