This question arose in a discussion earlier on, after Jim West teased us by suggesting his CV is bigger than Anthony Smith’s. So Gillian asked: ‘But do you think there is a word for that akin to “phallic”?’ – for women, that is.

That set me searching, mainly since I am avoiding some very droll but necessary tasks.

Given that breast in Greek is mastos, that would give us mastic and mastocentric: the obsessive concern with breasts, whether the nipples are straight in a bra, the need for enhancements or reductions, the battles within and without the Nursing Mother’s Association, how one walks and so on. Now, at a pinch, it may be argued that some men are mastocentric.

On the other hand there is kolpos (and koleos), vagina, politely translated as ‘bosom’. In this case there is a Greek word, kolpikos, and we don’t have to go much further to come up with kolpicentric. I reckon the designer vagina would fall under kolpicentric, as also the Brazilian.