Which species would you like to see disappear?

Vulgar Marxism has a post on the predicted 50% of species that would disappear should the current deal in Copenhagen go ahead. What they have come up with would lead to a 3% rise in temperatures, which would have some pretty dire outcomes. However, if you had to choose which species should be given the flick, which ones would they be?

VM would like to see the end of skinny dogs with long snouts, like whippets. Others maybe cockroaches, or those massive mossies we have here, with tiger stripes and big dangling legs, or – my preference – those snotty, bratty kids you meet sometimes.


8 thoughts on “Which species would you like to see disappear?

    1. yes indeed!!! and also Real Estate Agents, who are class traitors. As comrade Mao said:

      “Persons who assist landlords in collecting rent and managing property, who depend on landlord exploitation of the peasants as their main source of income and are better off than the average middle peasant shall be put in the same category as landlords.”

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