Back when I lived in the USA for a bit – 6 months in 2004 – the highlight would have to have been Beano. As the slogan says, in the euphemistic fashion so common in that strange country, it ‘helps stop gas before it starts’. That is, it’s anti-fart juice. Prepare a delicious plate of rice and beans, or maybe baked beans on toast, and sprinkle some beano on it. No farts at all, or such is the claim.

In fact, in many airports and railway stations in the US, you’ll find signs like these:

Strangely, I never found beano on restaurant tables next to the salt and pepper. Or the waiter never seemed to come around with a massive beano bottle – ‘cheese? pepper? beano? But I much prefer that old adage: better to fart and stink a little than bust your bum and die a cripple.