Dream: Italy vs Argentina

I was in a new a city with  unique yellow and blue buses with large windows and drivers in a cubicle in the centre on the front of the bus. Late one evening I was out walking. I became lost and found myself in an alley in a sinister part of town. As I came out of the alley, a very large, purple, convertible car was just turning into a gateway towards my left. The street onto which I had turned was a wide boulevard, but the driver, an Italian, looked at me very suspiciously. I wanted to get away, but when I looked further down the boulevard to my left I saw a mob, stretching across the boulevard, carrying shovels, clubs, flags, and so on. They meant business, so I fled to the right. Eventually I came upon a five-way intersection, where the colours of the ground were of the Argentinean flag. Here people were celebrating a football holiday, so I warned some of them of approaching Italian mob. They began scampering here and there to prepare to face the mob. I was keen to escape, so I went left, but realised this tree-lined street led me away from where I was staying. So I went back to the intersection and up a very, very steep street. I had to use my hands as well, but the ground was a soft and flexible and the colour of the Argentinean flag. Eventually I made it to the top of the hill, followed the road that curved to the right, which had a view over the city. Finally I found the bus that would take me home.


2 thoughts on “Dream: Italy vs Argentina

  1. Dear Roland,
    that could easily have taken place in San Telmo or in Pompeya, lower districts of Buenos Aires. Astral travelling?


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