There’s a shitload of pictures of these fleshly cities, so I’ve restricted myself to the ones that have an edge of enticement, a touch of allurement along with condemnation.

What’s with all the Mediterranean actors? Perhaps part of the sexual geography of Europe, in which northerners would head down in swarms to the warmer zones for the eroticism of pigmentation, climate and grog.

25 cents isn’t bad for some canonical titillation.

So that’s how they used to play flutes in Sodom …

Definitely one of my favourites, although I can’t help wondering precisely what the man on the left’s tongue is up to.

While the one above has the strange appeal of S&M, the guys below give the cities of pleasure a whole new angle:

They are, of course, Sodom, one of the defining bands of Teutonic Thrash Metal, made up variously of of Tom Angelripper, Bloody Monster, Aggressor, Grave Violator and Atomic Steif …