Clever marketing ploy or genuine dumb-arse mistake? A newish range of organic skin products ‘from the hills of Perth’ was dubbed kussen. Now, in Dutch – the product’s founder’s mother was Dutch – it means ‘to kiss’ or ‘kisses’ (singular kus). Nice thought, really: these products ‘kiss’ your skin and bring it to life. Is this not ‘beauty care the way nature intended it’?

What was not intended or expected was the explosion of Danish interest in the new product range from the Perth Hills. On 17 January the Kussen facebook page had more than 30,000 hits, newspaper articles were written in Extrabladet (and here), and a kussen facebook fan club was established in Denmark, which now has more than 13000 members. The catch is that in Danish the word means ‘cunt’ or ‘pussy’. Try the following: in these quotations from the Kussen website and facebook page, every time you see ‘kussen’ read as ‘cunt’:

From the hills of Perth comes Kussen.

About Kussen.

Kussen does not test on animals, nor do we use any base products that are tested on animals.

I’ve tried Kussen and I would definitely recommend it to others.

Kussen is available to everyone! Do you know someone who has none?

Good morning from Australia! Does your day involve a little Kussen?

‘You smell so good I could eat you!’ Kussen foot scrub.

mmmmm – Cinnamon Kussen. Fits in your pocket!

OK, you get the picture. But interest is up and sales are pumping in Denmark.