For some strange reason, artists have shied away from verses like Exodus 22:19 or Leviticus 20:15-16. Grim verses, I must admit, with both animal and human being put to death for the dastardly deed. Although they may also be read as a rare moment of gender and species equality, for man, woman and animal are all in it together.

Our good friend at The Brick Testament has not shied away from these wholesome biblical verses …

Nor indeed has that stalwart program of family values, the Simpsons

As you can see, zoophilia is more for a snigger than serious art.

Unless of course you happen to be an ancient relief sculptor:

But … there is one moment of animal-human sensuality that often slips under the radar, so to speak. Artists have found that there is more than meets the eye in the encounter between Eve and the serpent.

You can always trust William Blake on this one:

But it gets better …

Until we just return to crassness: