Every now and then I wake up to find some enlightened and considerate individual has stumbled across an old blog post and been inspired to comment. As with my series on Tony Abbott, Nick Minchin (also here and here) and right-wing conspiracy theories concerning climate change science.

And so, months later comes a blast from a conservative think tank by a ‘Captain Reality’:

Nick Minchin is one of the only sensible politicians. He has seen through the lefty communist scientists who have taken over the world and are destroying our freedom.

When Mr Minchin comes to power the government will cut all funding to left wing scientists like climatologists and only fund real science like geology and chemistry which you need to mine and make refineries, which actually help people to live…

…unlike climate change, which is a lefty scientist LIE and BIG FAT TAX ON EVERYTHING and will kill billions with their TAX. Rudd is worse than Stalin.

P.S. I am not a crank =|:^0>
I am a patriot!

I love this stuff, gives me hope for Australian politics, for a real alternative … The Captain reassures us:

For those who are a bit slow, my previous post is a summary of the intellectual basis of today’s right.