Question: does Žižek deal anywhere with bestiality?

I can’t find any references or discussions, precisely  from someone who has gained for philosophising through dirty jokes and taboo subjects. So if anyone knows of a text where Žižek does discuss bestiality, please let me know. Otherwise, it seems as though the man does have some standards.


19 thoughts on “Question: does Žižek deal anywhere with bestiality?

      1. There’s a reference to fisting in the final chapter of Organs Without Bodies, in reference to Foucault’s predilection for it.

        There’s also a short analysis of a specific piece of child porn in The Parallax View in usual Zizekian manner (the child’s reaction illuminates some Lacanian point).

        I would have thought that would be more risky than bestiality, especially given he didn’t moralise about it.. I dunno.

  1. I’m stranded without books in the outback of Orstraaalia, but seem to remember some discussion of Nazis making Jews do unhuman acts in Plague of Fantasies and then comparing it to the Categorical Imperative (about page 230). I think he makes the same (illicit) linkages somewhere else, too.

  2. Did you know that there’s a Noah’s Ark Street in Ararat, Victoria? It’s more of a long driveway to a farm than a street, but still.

      1. I was just having a trip around the place.

        Apparently the ‘discoverer’ of Ararat gave it that name because, as he wrote in his diary, “we rested there”.

        When we rested there, unfortunately some bugger had stolen the street-sign to Noah’s Ark Road. There was just a pole stuck in the ground at the start of the road.

  3. Did you know that there’s a Noah’s Ark Street in Ararat, Victoria?

    Is Ataturk writing comments on this blog now? Ararat isn’t part of ‘Victoria’, mate. Ararat is Armenian.

    1. VM, you should get out in the country more (even though I know you hate nature) when you’re back in Oz. You’ll be surprised to find out that Victoria is actually larger than Melbourne. Come to think of it, I’ve been in Ararat.

      1. I know that Victoria is bigger than Melbourne. I have been to the countryside. Remember a few years back when we all met in Auckland?

  4. I think he does but I can’t for the life of me remember where. He’s pretty filthy in the introduction of Parallax – that’s for sure.

  5. Queen Emily: fisting is so passe, dear, even if it is the one new sexual invention of the 20th century.

    Jon: that’s what I thought. If anyone would Zizek would, but I can’t find anything. But, surprisingly, the same applies to Freud and Lacan, from what I can find. Too hung up on Oedipus?

  6. “sex with an animal is today’s predominant form of the fantasy of full sexual relationship”
    – The Fragile Absolute, 65

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