Face of Jesus?

Of course the timing of this has nothing to do with Easter, but the Turin Shroud Center in Colorado has conned someone into giving them a shitload of money in order to recreate the face of Jesus from that 13th century forgery:

I don’t know about you, but he looks remarkably like those traditional pictures of some dude with a beard. But hey, why not use the Turin Banana:

Or perhaps the iron:

Or the KitKat found next to the shroud:

Or the Turin Dog’s Arse:

But the real question is: what would Jesus do in response to all of this speculation?

Or maybe …

Update: with thanks to Sean Burt.


8 thoughts on “Face of Jesus?

  1. and the accompanying US tv programme on the “history” channel is being aired about now, US time 31 March – which is April fool’s day in the rest of the world.

  2. the dog’s arse one freaked me out. i didn’t realise it was a GIF animation and i thought I must’ve had one too many nutmegs…

  3. The British papers were calling it a revelation in that it revealed a ‘short and swarthy’ guy. As if we’d all been led to believe he must look like some babyfaced 7ft tall Nordic goalkeeper.

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