The man in seat 61

Although I am going to be writing regular pieces for Aussie Travel Advice, which will soon turn up on my links list and therefore be the best travel website in the world, until then the best website for the kind of travel I like is The Man in Seat 61. Forget about planes and shit like that – especially since the Ice Dragon has made it clear she doesn’t like planes very much – for The Man has all the information you could possibly need on trains and ships, anywhere in the world.

For example, I am planning a trip from Sofia (Bulgaria) to Yalta (Ukraine) and then to Oslo via Warsaw. I could take the crap way and fly, or I could go by ship and rail. Instead of useless websites without vital information, the man in seat 61 lets me know:

a) I can take a ship on the Black Sea from Varna or Istanbul to Odessa, and then on to Yalta.

b) From there it is the longest tram in the world to Simferopol and then train to Kiev, Warsaw and the Baltic port of Swinoujscie.

c) Last leg is a ship from Swinoujscie to Copenhagen and then train, ship and train to Oslo.

And what’s so damn good about it is the legend of how it began: one day back in 2001 The Man bought a discount book on how-to-html – as something read on the train. Now he’s had millions of visitors, has won awards, written a book, is making a TV series, and … can help me get around.


9 thoughts on “The man in seat 61

  1. The only travel website you ever need is SLEEPING IN AIRPORTS. Interesting to see that the old staple of worst airports to sleep in, Port Morsey PNG, has been knocked off by CDG and the worst place on earth (says me) LAX.

    Actually, I remember an awesome post on the Lonely Planet’s forum. A would-be backpacker from the UK asked for recommendations for homeless shelters in NYC to sleep at…

      1. No because airports like Seoul’s Incheon or Singapore’s Changi or the new terminal at Heathrow are very nice to spend time in.

        That and the Icelandic earthquake being a volcano.

    1. Man was not meant to fly. He was meant to live in small, virtuous villages in Berkshire.

      Man was not meant to belong to frequent-flyer programs. The church and merchant guild are quite sufficient, Sir, thank you.

  2. “Loping” – a curious choice of verb!! Conjures up a half-man half-rabbit (well it does for me!!)

    And anyway, wherever he is, he belongs in the kitchen and the bedroom.

  3. Hello from Ukraine !

    I do not know about such the man and his chair number of 61, but, I do wish to you happy and safe travels to Odessa and Yalta here in my nation Ukraine !

    Sincerely to you,


    Rivne – UKR.

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