The people have spoken, but we don’t know quite what they have said.

Ed Miliband, Energy Secretary

Fuck, I am enjoying myself with the British election and its aftermath. Complete disaster from a leading world ‘democracy’, people shut out from voting, all these men in business suits scrabbling for power. But the greatest pleasure is the pile of egg on Philip Blond’s face. End of an era, he prophesied, the death of liberalism, the birth of a new society under the oh-so-private-school-I-have-a birthright-to-power Cameron. In an apocalyptic frenzy that was really a reflection of the UK election cycle, Blond and his blue labour backer, Alasdair Maclagan, must really think that Cameron is about to sell his soul to the devil: a deal with the wet-lettuce Clegg, a Liberal democrat, the purveyor of all that has led us to the edge of doom. Plus, you’ve gotta love the Vulgar Marxist’s entertaining posts while the vote was unfolding.