The Bible on the Ghan: call for papers

More than a year ago I first announced plans for a rolling conference called ‘The Bible on the Ghan‘ (a follow up appeared in June last year).

Now for some more details. The Ghan runs twice a week from Adelaide to Darwin and back again, right up the red centre of Australia through some of the amazing deserts in the world on on a north-south run. It leaves on Sunday and Wednesday each week at 12.20 pm and takes more than two days to get to Darwin, arriving around 6.00 pm.

The plan: a two-day mini-conference on the train.
The theme: biblical journeys (in the widest sense).
The time: April or May 2011. The time bracket is from Sunday, 10 April, to Wednesday, 11 May, 2011. NB: Easter is 24 April.
The venue: one or two of the private carriages that may be attached to the train.
They are the Chairman’s Carriage, the Prince of Wales Carriage and the Sir John Forrest Carriage. The carriages include bedrooms, lounge areas and dining facilities. Depending on how many confirm attendance, we will reserve one or two carriages – they have capacities of 10, 8 and 6 respectively.
How much? AUD $2130 per person, and that includes all food, accommodation and travel for more than two days.
Daily timetable: we would need to work our way through about a dozen papers, so that means we could relax on the first afternoon, get to know the train and each other, and then have six papers on each of the two full days following. A relaxed pace, like the train.
The outcome: An edited volume called The Bible on the Ghan, the first of a series called Biblical Journeys and to be published by Gorgias Press, ably assisted by the press’s Australian representative, Katie Stott.
What I need from you: since the carriages require a 20% reservation fee and since it is a good idea to get the reservation done in good time, I would like to have a firm commitment and paper proposals from any participants by October 2010.


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