Is it just me, or are we in a season of stunningly stupid political developments:

1) Australia: the new conservative party (which used to be called the liberal party) takes an official position denying climate change.

2) Australia: Nick Minchin, former senate leader of aforesaid party, denies that both passive and active smoking are bad for you.

3) Australia: in response to the boring and widely praised budget by the Labor government, Tony Abbott, leader of the former liberal party, and Joe Hockey, finance spokesperson for the same party, state that there was no recession in 2008-9 or indeed global financial crisis, that it was all scare-mongering to justify stimulus spending. Must be something in their coffee.

4) UK: the conservatives and liberals form an alliance after swearing the abyss between them is impassable,  all of which shows that the political caste is really only interested in its own preservation.

5) UK: the red tories have come out in support of liberalism, which has until now been the source of all evil. In the process, both red tory and radical orthodox proponents – Alasdair Maclagan, John Milbank, Phillip Blond et al – have lost any shred of credibility they might have had.

6) New Zealand: the prime minister, John Key, states – in the midst of land claim negotiations –  that he is happy to be having dinner with the Ngati Porou rather than Tuhoe, since in that case he would be dinner.