How to get a free book: requests continue

One from Dan, who goes by the blogname of Poser or Prophet:

Dear Roland,

Could you please send me a copy of “Marxist Criticism of the Bible”?  I live in urban Canada and make a decent wage, but I seem to spend most of my money on beer, smokes, and women.  Also, while you’re at it, could you send me a case of beer (I prefer Belgian) and a carton of smokes (I prefer Djarum Specials)?  I can take care of the rest myself.

Many thanks,


I need some help here: does Dan qualify for a copy of Marxist Criticism of the Bible? … which, I might add, Continuum will not let me revise and put into a second edition, preferring to keep it on their list at some rediculous price – black market is cheap as chips though.

One thing Poser or Prophet has managed: to be added to my exclusive and highly discerning blogroll.


9 thoughts on “How to get a free book: requests continue

  1. I might be biased, but I think Dan absolutely qualifies for a copy of that book. Also, I’m slightly concerned that no further mention was made of the beer and smokes, as I think he qualifies for those things as well.

  2. aghahaha – he most certainly does qualify for the Marxist Bible for producing that lovely litany of lies – as well as his blog which I have read from time to time. Send him one of those red Tshirts too – I painted ‘useful idiot’ under the portrait on mine. And while I’m at it – you promised ‘Political Myth’ to me ages ago… :-p

      1. Dear Roland,

        Please send me a copy of Political Myth. I’ve been suffering from insomnia for a long time now (it’s 5.53 am) and I need something to read that will put me to sleep. I will also write a really damning review with lots of four letter words like ‘crap’.

        with much disrespect,

        ps if you don’t I’ll trash your bike.


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