What I’m writing now

Actually, it’s a long essay on Ernst Bloch’s philosophy of music. Rarely read and even more rarely understood, the article has become expositorily critical. It is an effort to unpick in some detail this summary statement I came up with – while crossing the Pacific – after the third read and detailed notes:

Bloch’s philosophy of music is a thorough retelling of the belated story of music by emphasising its very human nature, recounting that story in terms of the basic category of the note and its hangers-on (hearing, voice, dance, song and rhythm); Bloch listens with a philosophical and theo-utopian ear that is able, more often than not, to hear around corners.

Now, why on earth would I want the write on Bloch’s philosophy of music? Apart from a love of Bloch, it forms the basis for a chapter on Nick Cave and the philosophy of music in my book on … Nick Cave.


3 thoughts on “What I’m writing now

  1. Hi Roland,
    Have you read Jean-Luc Nancy’s little book Listening? Also relates to music, voice, sound, being sounded… might be an interesting point of comparison,
    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Roland!
    My name is Carlos and, to be honest, this is the first time I visit this blog. I’m amazed by all your books, but i’m madly shocked because none of them can be found in my country! And i’m not quite sure why…
    I live in Mexico, and I study Political Science at the UNAM (the best college of the entire country). All your books seem very interesting to me, and they might be very helpful in my career.
    My english may not be perfect, but I think I could read an entire book in this language.
    Do you know where can I find “Political Myth” and “Criticism of Theology”. They might be useful in my thesis!
    Geez, I hope you can reply soon.
    Greetings from Mexico,

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