Gross Norwegian food

I know every country has at least one: Australians have vegemite, Americans have hamburgers, Danes have sylte (a gelatine loaf made out of pig’s hooves and unidentifiable odds and ends from the animal) and Norwegians have:

The wedge is self-explanatory (if you can’t read, the picture of prawns might help), but the first one: dead pig and cheese – in a tube!


10 thoughts on “Gross Norwegian food

  1. I think I just vomited a little in my mouth.

    Also, there are many foods in America more disgusting than the hamburger. I mean, the variety of “food” that can be sprayed out of a can alone…

      1. I think quotation-marks is needed also for the “caviar.” That said, there are minor differences between the Swedish and the Norwegian version of “caviar,” but that doesn’t take away your argument that this is Scandinavian.

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