Criticism of Theology proofs arrive

And I am now busily working away at them, but meanwhile a cover also arrived:

It weighs in at a shade under 370 pages – big Brill pages too, which are a shit to proof. Publication is listed for end of October. The Table of Contents is as follows (collection of pictures back here):


Chapter 1. The Superstitions of Max Horkheimer

Chapter 2: The Dissent of E.P. Thompson

Chapter 3: The Zeal of G.E.M. de Ste. Croix

Chapter 4: The Alchemy of Michael Löwy

Chapter 5. The Myths of Roland Barthes

Chapter 6: The Flights of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari

Chapter 7: The Radical Homiletics of Antonio Negri


Now, being a hardcover and Brill book, it ain’t cheap (lovely paradox, of course), as you will find at the Brill website or Amazon.

But you can order it for your library, toss away your inheritage, sell an ovary or testicle, ask a Chinese friend to copy it for you, or simply copy it yourself … until the paperback comes out from those reputable lefties at Haymarket Books. First I have to get the proofs done.

NB: Criticism of Theology is volume three of the Criticism of Heaven and Earth series.


5 thoughts on “Criticism of Theology proofs arrive

  1. Let the Chinese chop my ovaries? What on earth possessed you to go with the Brutes? Funny that only a few hours ago I ‘liked’ Haymarket on that teenage wotsit I prefer to try and avoid. And I’m inheritageless. Nobody old is rich. One or two siblings seem to be rolling in it but they all have spring offs.

    The dust jacket looks like a close up of a wharf ground level – a sea weathered beam edged wooden wharf with the water at the top.

    1. Um, I think I meant that you could ask a Chinese friend to copy the book for you, not your ovaries … And the book over is meant to convey and aged book itself, but I look the way it gains its own sense once released from the publisher’s control.

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