Coming up this weekend and I can’t wait for this one:


COPENHAGEN 24-25 September 2010


Friday September 24, 2010

0900-1030:      Keynote: Yang Huilin (Renmin University, China)


1100-1230:       Reports: 20 minutes each

China: Philip Chia and Kenpa Chin (Chinese University of Hong King and Chung Yuan Christian University)

Finland: Mika Ojakangas (University of Helsinki)

Sweden: Hanna Stenström (Church of Sweden Research Unit, Oslo)

USA: Brian Britt and Janell Watson (Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, USA)

1230-1330:       Lunch

1330-1500:       Paper session: 20 minutes each

Tatiana Senyushkina (Taurida National University, Sevastopol, Ukraine)

Jorunn Økland (Centre for Gender Research, University of Oslo)

Mislav Kukoč (University of Split, Croatia)

Carsten Pallesen (University of Copenhagen)


1530-1700:       Paper session: 20 minutes each

James Crossley (University of Sheffield)

Yvonne Sherwood (University of Glasgow)

Milena Kirova (University of Sofia)

Sara Farris (University of Amsterdam)

1800:                  Dinner for workshop participants

Saturday September 25, 2010

0930-1030:      Public lecture:

Jean-Michel Rey (University of Paris VIII – in French)


1100-1230:       Paper session: 20 minutes each

Troels Engberg-Pedersen (University of Copenhagen)

Roland Boer (University of Newcastle, Australia)

Ward Blanton (University of Glasgow)

Philip Goodchild (University of Nottingham)

1230-1400:       Lunch

1400-1530:       Future plans: conferences, publications, local research projects.