God works in mysterious ways

About a year ago I posted a piece on the dire financial trouble of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney. On the verge of a massive campaign to convert 10% of Sydney to their brand of conservative evangelical Christianity, the financial crisis hit, their investments took a nosedive, they lost over $100 million, and Sydney was saved from a wave of zealous evangelists.

The apparent foolishness of buying at the peak of the market boom and selling at its bottom suggests to me greater forces at work: that God works in mysterious ways, especially among evangelicals. According to Peter Jensen, the archbishop, people have simply been ‘too trusting of one another’ (God forbid, especially in a church).

And Jensen has not only set up a commission to advise on what to do about all this lack of gospel-driven money, but also a prayer group to pray for the comission. This is, he claims, a group of ‘mature Christians’, whose sole task is to ensure that the commission is at every point ‘bathed in the intercessory prayer of these saints‘.

All I want to say is: ‘Peter, my dear simple friend, you may wish to check the content of those prayers, since you are a little too trusting of those “saints”‘.


11 thoughts on “God works in mysterious ways

  1. Roland, this is off-topic, but I thought you might want to see the most unwittingly sexual theological book title I had seen in some time (makes me want to write the conservative author and say, “I haven’t read your book yet, but I’m looking forward to the part where God gets the ball gag put in”):

  2. Oh, right, I read that wrong. Of course, the scroll. But if the book says God is gagging… is this, perhaps, auto-fellatio? Can God have a schlong so big that God cannot fellate it? Oh my, I think I may have located a flaw in the logic of divine omnisexualpotence…

  3. According to a paper I’m giving today at the Centre for Gender Research here is Oslo, Ez gives himself a blow-job in Ez 2-3. Hasn’t every boy tried this one, sucking his own dick? Well, Ez pulls it off, so to speak.

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