New Monthly Review article: Terry’s Eagleton’s Ethical Failure

Those energetic lefties at Monthly Review have begun publishing a few of my articles – latest one is on ‘The Ethical Failure of Terry Eagleton‘.


13 thoughts on “New Monthly Review article: Terry’s Eagleton’s Ethical Failure

  1. I read this article and perversely went out and bought Eagleton’s book because, in a strange moment of Girardian mimetic desire, I was seduced by your description of it.

      1. funny that sin’t it. you were quite brutal and i enjoyed reading you kicking the crap out of him. maybe i sub-consciously felt a little sorry for ol’comrade Tez. good review though.

  2. Eagleton’s lectures against the Ditchkins were very disappointing. Criticising his former Is comrade and his former fellow Oxonian for their Donish, elitist, North Oxford Anglican Atheism, his talks were full of Donish North Oxford elitist attempts at humour – falling flat. His view of God’s wisdom as a Wildean artistic creator, playing and experimenting out of pure joy is touchyng but his challenge to look at the broken bodies of the suffering servants all around us is not enough. Compassion is not what we lack. We need more hatred. Till the millionaire architects of destruction are sent to the place where there is gnashing of teeth. I’m talking about the Bullingdon club and I’m talking about Jerusalem.

    1. Fuck, I hope I don’t end up like that – a cranky old man. The bastards. Come to think of it, Rod, is your name connected in any way with Aaron’s Rod, you know, especially with the Egyptian connection.

      1. ummmmmmm no. lols. it’s just short for Rodney, my first, but I do accept both Rod and Rodney, on the blogosphere and in person. As for the Alexandria part, I thought it would be creative and funny even though I have never been anywhere near Alexandria, Virginia or TX let alone Egypt, but it is the place where I imagine myself to be when doing theology since my thesis was on ole Clement.

        As for your comment about becoming a cranky old man, I believe the most overrated theologian of all time, C S Lewis said that in our youth is the normal time to be liberal and progressive, but as we age, we should be conservative, some bull sh!t like that. If you look at some of the “radical” theologians and a-theologians esp. in the US, there is a pattern of being radical and cutting edge un-tenured bastards to gaining tenure, becoming part of the establishment and the ever so stable upper middle class. I share the same fear it will happen to me. May be cause for a blog post on the topic.

  3. Actually I think the tenure process itself – now up to 10 years – knocks any originality or radicalness out of people in the US. A similar process in Germany was one of the reasons it lost the leadership in theology and biblical studies a while back. A German PhD student here in Oslo said it was what turned her off Germany, where you have to spend years tugging the forelock to an arrogant and unimaginative professor, only to become one yourself.

    But I prefer old men and women I meet who still have open minds, are interested in what new ideas are around and want to find out more. Not many of them, I admit, but I hope I end up being like that.

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