Life before biblical studies: Greenpeace activist and super-tanker engineer

As promised, some pictures of Gitte Buch-Hansen before she became a respectable biblical scholar – even the text comes from Gitte (or most of it). This is becoming a small series, after John Lyons and his daredevil North Sea oil rig adventures and my less thrilling efforts in a flotation suit. But I reckon Gitte’s story will take some beating.

The first pictures are from a campaign against the A-weapon at sea:

I used to work as an engineer for Greenpeace before I got my certificate for the merchant navy.

Putting our lives on the line in those Greenpeace inflatables (OK, the ed admits he added this line):

(Beat that anyone – or this)

(They were a hairy bunch, those Greenpeace activists):

This is from my first ‘real’ ship: Karama Maersk, a supertanker (in fact, the second largest on the seven seas at that time). We had been in dock at Dubai (the pictures tell about the size of the ship), loaded crude oil in the Persian Golf, and were now waiting outside the Emirates for a final destination (or for the oil prices to rise).

No booze onboard, just a lot of time to kill. I had the night watch (with nothing to do) which I spent deck fishing together with the Thai crew. We had more than 25 fishing lines that had to be checked regularly. I happened to catch a shark, which I – with a little help from my Thai friends – dropped in the captain’s swimming pool. He didn’t like the joke. Having gone to sleep, the first officer woke me up in the morning and I was ordered to move it immediately … at least, the crew enjoyed the show. I gave it to the Thai cook and he made a splendid dinner …

Now that should be required training for all biblical scholars.


3 thoughts on “Life before biblical studies: Greenpeace activist and super-tanker engineer

  1. Well, this actually clears up a lot of questions…like why you were always traveling. What a big ‘Ah ha!’ moment for me. Thanks for sharing.

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