And while we are at it – a couple more book covers

First, the cover for the paperback of Criticism of Religion (volume 2 in the series), which will be out by May with Haymarket:

And then the son of N.T. Wrong has produced a nice little cover for Right Behind: A Novel of the Arse-End of Time (which I was urged yet again today to get published):


One thought on “And while we are at it – a couple more book covers

  1. There is one problem with this,and it’s this. No one will know what the truth is,and the truth is so simple it does not need a book at all. All of us should turn off all hate to all sexualities, and hug all, and love all as your own flesh,and take all weapons of war, and do to them what Moses did to the golden calf,and Pound them to powder,and or melt them down to the basic substances that they are. When we start loving each other like ourselves – our own flesh. Then we will not hurt anyone having the perfect loving forgiving lover in us who is the Lord God Jesus Chris,and that is true religion without calling it religion at all. Then humans will have heaven in them preparing for the new existence when pain,and crying, and death will be no more,for the former things will be passed away, forever.

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