Things to do with bicycles in the snow

An ideal place in the world would have stunningly hot summers by a beach like Newcastle in Oz and fucking cold winters like the one under way over in Denmark and northern Europe in general.


10 thoughts on “Things to do with bicycles in the snow

    1. None of this sub-cultural elitism in Copenhagen. On a crisp morning of, say, -15, with piles of fresh snow about, you will still encounnter a steady stream of people (not ‘cyclists’) riding as they always do. Fucking awesome.

      1. Do they have special tires and all? I’m always afraid of slipping and falling down in the winter.

      2. I just posted that on Roland’s facebook (which of course he ignored because fb is for kiddies) – thinking it his bike and he was busy taking Manhatten – but it isn’t the first photo now, there are heaps, and it comes up at 8th today … all pretty impressive but the bike shot is best.

      1. There’s a lovely river flowing through the city, and in the summer if offers some excellent beaches, including spots with sandbars that reach out to the middle of the river. One of my favorite things about Saskatoon is the beaches actually :).

  1. Mikhail, I have only seen winter tyres on bicycles in Greenland (in February!) and Oslo, but in Copenhagen, no, just normal tyres. You ride a little slower, but the bikes themselves are bombproof.

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