A little while back I posted a couple of comments (from ‘Too Many Dicks at the Writing Desk’) on divine auto-fellatio in Egyptian mythology, pondering the theological and liturgical outcomes should Egyptian religion have become a world religion instead of Christianity. To illustrate the point, this piece of sacred iconography sidled up to the argument:

Yesterday a certain medical doctor called Hanspeter Seiler wrote a comment on that post:

I also think autofellatio has a deep meaning in egyptian theology. I have written a paper (not published yet) about that in German. Now i am very interested in this picture of the british museum of horus or osiris doing it. Can you give me the exact source?

Now, before could raise the energy to find the reference, the goodly doctor wrote again:

just found the picture in british museum!
So I need no answer. Many thanks HP Seiler

All I can say is that more scholarship on this somewhat neglected theological topic is sorely needed.