Norm Gottwald in New Zealand?

Does Norman Gottwald, author of The Tribes of Yahweh, really live in Napier, New Zealand? Is he really the owner of all the port equipment in Napier, moonlighting as a Marxist biblical scholar?


4 thoughts on “Norm Gottwald in New Zealand?

  1. not as far as I know… my dad was CE of that port for 30 years, designed the wharf, ‘starry skies design’ they call it … I used to swim off the port there, and across the bay to Perfume Point (so called because the sewerage is let out there – or at least a few miles further out to sea)… Napier … sigh … home …. sigh … I grew up there … keep going back there, lived in a million different cottages and shacks around there … sigh… the sea…

    No – the owner of that is Norman’s brother. He lives in Germany and is a rich capitalist wanker.

      1. well…. there is a strong family tradition of hugging trees, you know, worshipping them, what with them being so godlike and all… we call it the hugging the godtree homily…

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