Lenin on anal sex

One of the pleasures of setting out on a grand journey like reading Lenin’s Collected Works is that you stumble across unexpected gems – this one on anal sex. Let me set the scene: in the midst of a detailed demolition job on the French economist, Sismondi, he notes Sismondi’s argument that the church is failing in its task of condemning impudent and lusty marriages. According to Sismondi:

Religious morality should teach people that having produced a family, it is their duty to live no less chastely with their wives than celibates with women who do not belong to them.

Three kids and then no more humping, according to Sismondi (or, as Nick Cave puts it in ‘Worm Tamer’: ‘she calls me the Loch Ness monster; two humps and I’m gone’). Fuck yeah, says Lenin. We all know how successful the French peasant is at such ‘chastity’ , let alone priests in the church. In fact, as Proudhon argued, ‘chastity’, or indeed Malthus’s ‘birth control’, is really

the preaching of the connubial practice of … a certain unnatural vice.


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