Revolutions are the locomotives of history

A few choice sentences from Lenin during the rapid ‘education’ of the 1905-7 revolution:

Revolutions are the locomotives of history, said Marx. Revolutions are festivals of the oppressed and the exploited. At no other time are the mass of the people in a position to come forward so actively as creators of a new social order, as at a time of revolution. At such times the people are capable of performing miracles (Collected Works, vol. 9, p. 113).

7 thoughts on “Revolutions are the locomotives of history

  1. Really enjoyable read, mous, the end quote particularly funny : D

    I hope that Egypt doesn’t go reactionary like Burma, the people there gave a lot to oust Mubarak and I am sure they are aware that to get rid of the world military regime ( which has been a stated aim as well as the desire to liberate Palestine ) will be a mighty long haul, a protracted battle, but with other regimes in the area falling, it may not be uphill for too long.

    1. It seems as though the Egyptian armed forces – at least the top command – tolerated or allowed the protests, but only so far. In other words, the protests achieved but a first step. Long haul still, if the energy is there.

  2. Yes, what is the military? Isn’t it a machine that turns peasants into proletarians, in the service of nationalism/imperialism/capitalism? And potentially revolutionary.

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