Criticism of Heaven goes Turkish

Shameless self-promotion, I know, but I have just received word that Criticism of Heaven is being translated into Turkish. Contracts have been signed and the translator is raring to go (I hope). To be published by Ayrinti Yayinlari. That’s the eleventh language!


9 thoughts on “Criticism of Heaven goes Turkish

    1. No bloody idea, but I do know that whereas Western presses typically do book runs of about 500, the Chinese presses do a first print run of between 5000-10000, which often sells out within a year. Before I need a prosthetic device to scratch my ear, I can also say that four of my books have been or are being translated into Chinese, plus a stack of articles.

  1. John, strange thing is, I remain as poor as ever. Tried approaching Mubarak for a small percentage of his hard-earned billions, but to no avail.

    VM, or perhaps one of those Middle Earth languages – high elvish maybe – that the wanker Tolkien supposedly ‘invented’.

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