Nick Cave and Religion to come out with Equinox

I have just received word that my book, Cave Droppings: Nick Cave and Religion (completed on the Trans-Siberian) will come out with Equinox in their ‘Popular Music History‘ series. Chris Partridge tells me some designer whizz, who also does CD covers, is getting to work on the cover.

So I guess a Table of Contents is in order:


Chapter One: Searching the Holy Books

Synopsis: Nick Cave and the Bible

The Life of Nick

The ‘Word’ of Cave

Conclusion, or, Strategies of Containment

Chapter Two: The Total Depravity of Cave’s Literary World

Cave World

That House on the Edge of Town

A Slug of White Jesus

Rain in the Valley


Lamentations of Woe

The Calling of Eschatological Madness

Conclusion: The Dialectic of Redemptive Depravity

Chapter Three: Some Routine Atrocity, or, Apocalyptic

Three Modes

God’s Anger: The Flood

Murder, Mayhem and Atrocity

Glimpses of Redemption


Chapter Four: Death

From Form to Content: The Sinister Song

Death Inflicted

Death Suffered

Individual Annihilation

Collective Destruction

Death Overcome

Conclusion: Death Is Not the End?

Chapter Five: God, Pain and the Love Song

Secular Soppy Songs: No Pain, No God

Painlessly Divine: No Pain, With God

Painfully Secular: With Pain, No God

Brutally Divine: With Pain, With God

Chapter Six: Jesus of the Moon, or, Christology

Volume and Noise

Sex and Seduction



Chapter Seven: Hearing Round Corners: Nick Cave Meets Ernst Bloch

Hearing around corners

Concerning the Wandering Path of the Note, or, Forms of the Song

Anarchy …

… and Discordancy


Hymn (and Lament)

Sinister Song

Dialectical Song


Conclusion: The Dialectics of Theo-Utopian Hearing

Conclusion: Gates to the Garden: The Search for Redemption


6 thoughts on “Nick Cave and Religion to come out with Equinox

  1. Yay I want a review copy!! Damn though, love equinox and everyone but they’re not the speediest players in the field… when’s it due out? Make sure you flick us the cover when it’s drawn … I’d like to design a cover for a title like that. I have all sorts of images passing through my mind… 🙂

      1. or maybe it’s just the name, bowing to boer, they know it’s a goer … so I expect my copy quite soon then

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