Lenin’s biblical allusions

Lenin’s distinct liking for Gospel sayings roll on:

Knock and it shall be opened unto you, we said after reading the party Council’s resolution … (Collected Works, vol. 8, p. 239)

Away, away! Let this cup of revolutionary-democratic dictatorship pass from me! (Collected Works, vol. 8, p. 288)

From him to whom much is given, much is demanded (Collected Works, vol. 8, pp. 289-90).

We thank thee, O Lord, that we are not like these wretches and have not sullied our lips with such word combinations (Collected Works, vol. 8, p. 303).

The autocracy is reaping what it has sowed (Collected Works, vol. 8, p. 562).

Refrain from putting new wine into old bottles (Collected Works, vol. 9, p. 160).

Likely to remain a voice crying in the wilderness (Collected Works, vol. 9, p. 450).

And a favourite:

In private conversation, they repeat the words of Christ to Judas, ‘That thou doest, do thou quickly’ (Collected Works, vol. 8, p. 528; vol. 10, pp. 488, 489, 499).


4 thoughts on “Lenin’s biblical allusions

  1. what a grumpy old fart. Actually the ‘Christ’ name pisses me off. So now he’s just a grumpy old fart. I’m glad you said ‘Jesus’. That was his name not blinking Christ a post mortal title.

      1. fair enough – I know how to be a grumpy (young) tart – and a metaphorical dig (hate spades).

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