Criticism of Earth: On Marx, Engels and Theology (TOC)

At Liam’s request, the table of contents for Criticism of Earth:

Preface 5

Introduction 12

Synopsis     16

The terrain of struggle: theology and the Bible   26

Conclusion    47

Chapter One: The Subterranean Bible 53

Outwitting the Censor  56

Against the Ruling Class  65

Clergy as part of a Corrupt Ruling Class    73

Economic Allusions          77

Against Other Opponents    84

Appropriation and Ambivalence   89

Conclusion   95

Chapter Two: The Leading Article: Theology, Philosophy and Science 96

Theology and Scientific Research    97

Theology and Philosophy   101

Church and State   110

Fetishism and Idolatry  116

Conclusion  121

Chapter Three: Against the Theological Hegelians I: Bruno Bauer 122

The Book of Isaiah (with Herr Licentiate Bauer)     125

‘My Friend for Many Years Standing …’     139

The Jewish Question        152

Holy Families      167

Conclusion  181

Chapter Four: Against the Theological Hegelians II: Max Stirner and the Lever of History 190

Stirner’s Ego, or, the Lever of History  194

The engine room of historical materialism     200

Conclusion  218

Chapter Five: Against the Theological Hegelians III: Ludwig Feuerbach’s Inversion 222

Inversion    223

Idealism and Theology  231

The Theological Springboard   236

Irreligious Criticism, or, Completing the Criticism of Religion  240

The New Luther 255

Conclusion   263

Chapter Six: Hegel, Theology and the Secular State 269

The Formal Theologian   270

The Theological State    275

The Death of Theology? 281

The Paradox of the Secular State 289

Conclusion   304

Chapter Seven: Idols, Fetishes and Graven Images 308

History of Religions  310

Idolatry 322

Economy   332

Alienation and Labour  332

Money and Christology   339

Commodities and Capital    343

Conclusion  355

Chapter Eight: Of Flowers and Chains: The Ambivalence of Theology 361

Theological Tension and the Gospel of John   363

The Bible and Class Conflict   382

The Two Sides of Opium 389

Marx’s Demurrer: On Grace   401

Chapter Nine: Engels’s Biblical Temptations 407

Engels’s Self-Exorcism  408

The Challenge of Contradictions  425

Schelling, the Philosopher in Christ    452

Conclusion: On the Loss of Faith  470

Chapter Ten: Revelation and Revolution 475

The Two Minds of Friedrich Engels  477

Doctrinaire Atheism  479

Revolutionary versus reactionary Christianity  485

The Ambivalent Calvinism of F.W. Krummacher  489

A Soft Spot for Apocalyptic   494

On Thomas Müntzer and the Peasants  507

Early Christianity  517

Conclusion  531

Conclusion 533

References 563

The manuscript is just shy of 160,000 words, so it should come out, even with Brill/Haymarket’s big pages, at about 450 pages. Due out October 2011.


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