Lenin book review template

Before I update the Lenin letter template, a few items for a new template: the Lenin book review:

The publication of this book … could not have been more timely. Unfortunately, this book is like a barrel of honey spoilt by a spoonful of tar: most interesting material – despite its incompleteness – and incredibly slovenly, incredibly trite conclusions.

What is this? Literary slovenliness or hack literature?

It is hard to imagine how people could sink to such depths of pedantry, to such poverty of thought, to drawing such banal conclusions from serious historical material.

This indeed is sheer emptiness clothed in high-sounding words … It is a real cock-and-bull story.

(Lenin, Collected Works, vol 11, pp. 171, 191, 192, 234)


3 thoughts on “Lenin book review template

  1. When I was a philosophy undergrad in the UK in the 1960s, we could not resist pinning up on the department notice board a review of a really dreadful book on ethics published by our dept head. The review, by C.F. Presley of the University of Queensland, began “Even if this book had been written twenty years ago, it would have been out of date”.

    I wonder if Presley had been inspired by the Collected Works of Lenin?

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