Lenin and the Trans-Siberian Railway

Lenin had a fascination with the Trans-Siberian Railway line, built in 1895. Not only did he travel on the line to get to and from ‘exile’ in Shushenskoye village, let alone during his life constantly on the move, but he also knew it was a key component in development of capitalism in Russia.

The Transcaspian Railway began to “open up” Central Asia for the capitalists; the “Great Siberian Railway” (great, not only because of its length, but because of the unrestricted plunder of the Treasury by contractors and the unrestricted exploitation of the workers who built it) opened up Siberia (Lenin: Collected Works, vol. 5, p. 90).


One thought on “Lenin and the Trans-Siberian Railway

  1. Like the US and lines along the borders, saying ‘fuck you’ to the Mexicans and Canadians, apart from linking the four financial hubs of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and … New Orleans.

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