Lenin on Swiss tourism

The local socialists call Switzerland a “republic of lackeys”. This petty-bourgeois country, in which inn-keeping has long been a major industry, has depended too much on wealthy parasites squandering millions on summer travel in the mountains. A small proprietor toadying to rich tourists — such, until recently, was the most widespread type of Swiss bourgeois (Lenin, Collected Works, Vol, 18, p. 160).


3 thoughts on “Lenin on Swiss tourism

  1. With your encyclopaedic knowledge of Lenin’s writings do you have any references for the great hiker’s views on walking boots?

    I have a vague memory of something written just before his return to Russia, about them being preferable to shoes when leaving the paved streets of bourgeois normality and striking off into the mountains of revolution.

  2. In Imperialism: The Last/Highest Stage of Capitalism, he basically says that all of Western Europe will become like that (though I think he uses the example of the Riviera), with Asia and Africa taking up the role of actually making things and providing raw materials. At the very least, the U.S. region of New England has also largely fallen into such a bourgeois tourist economy, with little agriculture or industry of which to speak.

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