Lenin on pleasure

Your stance on pleasure is determined by your response to the question:

Should little annoyances stand in the way of a big pleasure?

Answer no, and you are an opportunist and/or a Menshevik (minority). Answer yes, and you are a Bolshevik (see Collected Works, vol. 7, pp. 366-77).

Let me set the context. At the second congress of the RSDLP (Russian Social Democratic Labour Party) in 1903, Plekhanov was all in favour of accommodating the annoying foibles of the opportunists, economists, narodniks and what have you – all for the sake of the pleasure of a big party. By contrast, Lenin would in no way countenance any accommodation at all. At stake was the truth of Marxism, faithfulness to the proletariat, the value of partisanship and so on. The upshot: the Menshevik-Bolshevik split (minority vs majority), with Plekhanov, a formidable intellect in his own right, on one side and Lenin on the other.

The question then is: would the Plekhanov-Menshevik pleasure be greater, or would the Lenin-Bolshevik one surpass them?


2 thoughts on “Lenin on pleasure

  1. No, no, you opportunist splittist!! Real pleasure lies in the path that initially seems least pleasurable. But remember, the ticket to Siberia is always one for resettlement in the midst of wide nature. Some may call it ‘exile’, but we all know that to be a euphemism.

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