Two puzzles: emission trading schemes and creeping undies

Two matters continue to puzzle me:

First, how can an emissions trading scheme – beloved by everyone from the conservatives to the greens – tackle the problem of global warming? If our mode of production, capitalism, is the ultimate cause of global warming, then how can a ‘market-based’ capitalist approach be the solution? It is like asking a financier to rebuild a firm with the same policies that caused its initial collapse – oh shit, they already tried that one. Better to dump the system that caused it in the first place.

Second, why do my ageing undies always creep up my right bum cheek? It matters not how I arrange my block-and-tackle, for the same side always heads north.


10 thoughts on “Two puzzles: emission trading schemes and creeping undies

  1. Roland, you can’t simply continue to use the undies and hope that things will turn out better in the future. The very same things that allow for your undies to cover your bum in the first place are the precise things that cause your undies to rise. If you really want a change, you have to fundamental shift your basic underwear system. An undergarments revolution is required.

  2. Brian Britt?

    I used to have that undie problem, also with my right cheek, until I switched to Orotons. They’re brilliant.

  3. it’s because you are in the southern hemisphere and the spin of the earth. Had you been up north it would have been your left bum cheek.

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