A surprise Easter gift: the relaunched Bible and Critical Theory journal. It has a new website, new look, new energy … you get the picture.

For our relaunch we have a bumper issue (7.1), with a spate of articles and book reviews. And best of all, the journal is now open access and thereby free. It is indexed by ATLA, DOAJ and Scopus.

All back issues are available on the new site.

For librarians, please add the journal to your open access catalogue, if you have not done so already.

Table of Contents of new issue:

Vol 7, No 1 (2011): Bible and Critical Theory, Resurrected

Table of Contents


Editorial: The Bible and Critical Theory, Resurrected PDF
Roland Boer, Julie Kelso


The Relationship of Canon and Messiah: The Convergence of Jan Assmann and Walter Benjamin on a Theory of Monotheistic Canon PDF
Colby Dickinson
Uncanny Bodies, Impossible Knowledge and Somatic Excess in Isaiah 29 PDF
Rhiannon Graybill
Reading the Philippians “Christ-hymn” Alongside Blanchot’s Orpheus and Kristeva’s Dead Christ PDF
Andrew Wilson
The Christians Kill Jesus Again: Spectacle, Drama, and Politics at Oberammergau PDF
Richard Walsh
Does Yahweh Play Dice with the Torah? Or: And Out of His Mouth Went a Fiery Packet of Discrete Energy PDF
Karl Hand

Book Reviews

Review of Christine E. Joynes & Christopher C. Rowland, eds., From the Margins 2: Women of the New Testament and Their Afterlives. Sheffield Phoenix Press 2009. PDF
Nathan J. Barnes
Review of Marianne Bjelland Kartzow, Gossip and Gender: Othering of Speech in the Pastoral Epistles. BZNW 164. New York: Walter de Gruyter, 2009. PDF
Nathan Barnes
Review of Stanley E. Porter and Christopher D. Stanley, eds., As It is Written: Studying Paul’s Use of Scripture. SBLSS 50. Leiden: Brill, 2008. PDF
Michael F. Bird
Review of Mark K. George, Israel’s Tabernacle as Social Space. Ancient Israel and Its Literature 2. Atlanta and Leiden: SBL and Brill, 2009. PDF
Roland Boer
Review of Megan Bishop Moore, Philosophy and Practice in Writing a History of Ancient Israel. Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies 435. New York & London: T&T Clark, 2006. PDF
Michael Carden
Review of Greger Andersson, Untamable Texts: Literary Studies and Narrative Theory in the Books of Samuel. Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies 514. New York/London: T&T Clark, 2009. PDF
Benjamin J.M. Johnson
Review of Caroline Vander Stichele and Todd Penner, Contextualizing Gender in Early Christian Discourse: Thinking Beyond Thecla. London/New York: T & T Clark, 2009. PDF
Marianne Bjelland Kartzow, Anna Rebecca Solevåg
Review of Fiona Black, The Artifice of Love: Grotesque Bodies and the Song of Songs. London and New York: T&T Clarke/Continuum, 2009. PDF
Julie Kelso
Review of Olav Hammer, ed., Alternative Christs. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009. PDF
Craig Martin
Review of J. W. Rogerson and John Vincent, The City in Biblical Perspective. London/Oakville: Equinox, 2009. PDF
Robert J. Myles
Review of Jon L. Berquist, ed. Approaching Yehud: New Approaches to the Study of the Persian Period. Semeia Studies 50. Atlanta: SBL, 2007. PDF
Peter D. Miscall
Review of Joseph A. Everson and Hyun Chul Paul Kim, eds. The Desert Will Bloom: Poetic Visions in Isaiah. Ancient Israel and its Literature 4; Atlanta: SBL, 2009. PDF
Peter D. Miscall
Review of Jacob Taubes, From Cult to Culture: Fragments Toward a Critique of Historical Reason. Ed. by C.E. Fonrobert and A. Engel, with an introduction by A. Assmann, J. Assmann, and W.‐D. Hartwich. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2010. PDF
Peter D. Miscall
Review of Kwok Pui‐lan, Don H. Compier, and Joerg Rieger, eds., Empire and the Christian Tradition: New Readings of Classical Theologians. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2007. PDF
Stephen D. Moore
Review of Neil Elliott, The Arrogance of Nations: Reading Romans in the Shadow of Empire. Paul in Critical Context series. Minneapolis: Fortress Press 2008. PDF
Christina Petterson
Review of Fernando F. Segovia and R.S. Sugirtharajah, eds., A Postcolonial Commentary on the New Testament Writings. The Bible and Postcolonialism 13. New York/London: T & T Clark, 2007. PDF
Christina Petterson
Review of Judy Klitsner, Subversive Sequels in the Bible: How Biblical Stories Mine and Undermine Each Other. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society, 2009. PDF
Anthony G. Rees
Review of Kirsten Nielsen, ed., Receptions and Transformations of the Bible. Religion and Normativity 2. Aarhus: Aarhus University Press, 2009. PDF
Eric Repphun
Review of Tat‐siong Benny Liew, What Is Asian American Biblical Hermeneutics? Reading the New Testament. Intersections: Asian and Pacific American Transcultural Studies. Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press, 2008. PDF
Anthony Rimell
Review of Benjamin H. Dunning, Aliens and Sojourners: Self as Other in Early Christianity. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2009. PDF
Kristi Upson-Saia
Review of Cheryl A. Kirk-­‐Duggan and Tina Pippin, eds., Mother Goose, Mother Jones, Mommie Dearest: Biblical Mothers and Their Children. Semeia Studies 61. Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2009. PDF
Richard Walsh
Review of Christopher Partridge and Eric Christianson, eds., The Lure of the Dark Side: Satan and Western Demonology in Popular Culture. London: Equinox, 2009. PDF
Richard Walsh
Review of Mark Manolopoulos, If Creation is a Gift. New York: State University of New York Press, 2009. PDF
Norman Wirzba
Review of Matthew J. Marohl, Joseph’s Dilemma: ‘Honor Killing’ in the Birth Narrative of Matthew. Eugene: Cascade, 2008. PDF
Christopher B. Zeichmann
Review of R. S. Sugirtharajah, Troublesome Texts: The Bible in Colonial and Contemporary Culture. The Bible in the Modern World 17. Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix, 2008. PDF
Christopher B. Zeichmann