How unanimous can you get?

The turn towards the New Economic Policy was decided on at the last Congress with exceptional unanimity, with even greater unanimity than other questions have been decided by our Party (which, it must be admitted, is generally distinguished for its unanimity).

Lenin, Collected Works, vol 33, p. 267.


2 thoughts on “How unanimous can you get?

  1. Oddly, then, it was actually the NEP that was the “last straw” for a number of anarchists who had come to Russia wanting to support Lenin and Co.

    1. Plenty of others thought the same thing – left Bolshies, SRs, Mensheviks etc. It was phased out in 1927, but plenty controversial. As Lunacharsky points out in ‘Revolutionary Silhouettes’, Lenin was the ultimate opportunist: whatever works to further the cause would be used.

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